As a strategic advertising agency, we not only lend our clients the edge, but we also capture the core of what they represent into a visually-captivating identity. Our belief is that brands should not only enchant, but must deliver a key message to the audience with a specific outcome in mind. This is the advantage of working with an advertising agency that values strategy.
Apart from strategy, impeccable execution and professional branding play a key role in the success of any enterprise.
Getting this mix right is very much what Kino clouds specializes in.

Transforming Business

We exist to transform businesses through creativity. Our duty is to enhance the performance of enterprises. Simply put, we proactively prepare our clients for the challenges of tomorrow. It’s fair to say our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We remain client-focused at all times, ensuring they have a positive experience during every interaction. Our team is always accessible and they’re a rare blend of skill and zeal. They care about what they do and why they do it. Meet the team and find out what makes us tick.

Healthy Work Culture

Because happier people come up with better ideas!
It’s no secret that happy people create better work. At Kino clouds, we’re aware of this simple truth, and over the years, we have cultivated a team spirit that’s good for us and good for our clients. This togetherness reflects in our work and the positive results we achieve.

Well Equipped

Our premises comprises a spacious office with specially-dedicated ‘idea tanks’ where our team brainstorms to churn out ideas that will drive your business growth. There are several ‘rejuvenation’ hotspots that further enhance creativity, and we also have a separate meeting room for presentations. We ensure that our members are given the best catalysts for creativity, thus cultivating the ideal environment to produce top work. We continually reinvent ourselves and redefine our processes to be on the leading-edge of technology, always investing in the latest software to bring our ideas to life.

We run a Mac- and Windows-based studio which is standard in the creative field.
All our systems have been optimized for maximum performance, so our graphic designers can work seamlessly. We have a server-based network for easy file sharing and everyone has access to in-house laser printers. The studio also has all the gadgets required to support our team, such as scanners, light boxes, mock-up stations and photography equipment.
Discipline and work ethic are everyday Kino clouds virtues and we have streamlined procedures in effect for studio and art work. This helps us manage our day-to-day workflows effectively and be consistent in our delivery of workload.
These well-defined processes lend more clarity and focus with regard to our creative work, enabling us to produce the best outcomes in accordance with our clients’ marketing goals. Since we take every possible measures to deliver the highest possible value to our esteemed clients, we have been rightfully rated as the Best Advertising Agency In Mysuru.
With a brief yet eventful history in the management of brands, we partner with our clients to ensure that their perceived image is in-line with their marketing objectives. We are proactive in exploring opportunities that will add value to your business.
Well-established among leading advertising agencies, we have helped furnish the image of brands and products across verticals. Going beyond the usual collaterals, we are strategic consultants who offer holistic, end-to-end marketing solutions.
We’ve created brands from scratch, designed their identities and rolled them out across channels including print and digital. Over the last few years, we’ve delivered branding packages that have worked wonders for our clients by grabbing the attention of potential customers, proving a good return on investment.
We have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes from the get-go, achieving the desired outcomes with regard to their business objectives. You can check out our extensive portfolio and ascertain our cutting-edge capabilities for yourself.
If you’re deliberating upon which advertising agency to work with, this will allow you to make an informed decision. There’s an old saying that goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’, and we at Kino clouds adhere to this golden rule, so rest assured that all our projects live up to the highest quality standards.


  • There’s no motion without emotion
  • If it’s not creative, it’s not impactful
  • The simple truth doesn’t need validation
  • Simple is good, better and the best
  • Reinvention beats repetition
  • Good designs are key differentiators
  • Consistency and impact go hand-in-hand
  • The brand is the people who swear by it
  • Assumptions are hazardous. Be open-minded
  • Process is an enabler. Passion is a driver


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    To continue growing as a top advertising agency by producing work that inspires for great companies
  • color-palette-icon
    To truly empathize with our clients and exceed their expectations when it comes to delivery
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    To improve our clients’ business in terms of perception, profile, performance and profit
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    To deliver outstanding creative services with a particular focus on design thinking
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    To foster and nurture warm relationships with clients and colleagues alike, ensuring the creative process is a positive experience for all stakeholders


Kino Clouds will always lend you their ears, but where our expertise is needed, we will step in.
We have a deep vault of experience to draw from and we can add value to your brand by suggesting a better way of doing things if such a route exists, or if we believe your budget could be spent more wisely. Ultimately, we’re here to achieve your marketing goals and enable your business to do better. Every client relationship is unique and we treat each client like they’re our only client.

It is uncommon to find an end-to-end advertising agency that executes across brand and corporate identity, creative design and packaging, content marketing, digital marketing, web design, internal communication, marketing collaterals, videography, brand activation, media planning and buying, an agency who will add value to your business.

To find another creative agency that is better suited to all your marketing needs would be quite a challenge. Here are six reasons why you’ll be better off with Kino clouds