Kino Clouds

Our History

A group of young energetic teenagers started a short movie banner in the year 2011 under the name M.R. Musiqs and as the team got their small time success for their small works, few of the team members entered Sandalwood as Associate Directors, Co-Editors, Promotion Team for the movie Birbal Trilogy under the direction of M. G Srini, and they worked in many other roles.

After gaining sufficient and reformed knowledge about film making, Arjun Kashyap and Harsha Nanda started incorporating the movie making techniques towards ad film production which led towards the creation of Kino Clouds Pvt Ltd as the first Ad Film and Video Production Company in Mysore.

Our company is led by a group of creative and skilled individuals with a passion for the entertainment sector. Since its inception in Mysore in 2019, our growing firm has come a long way. Our desire to be industry pioneers drove us to action, and today Kino clouds Pvt Ltd provides you with the finest in the sector of Ad Film. We aim to provide the finest services possible to our clients. We at Kino Clouds not only provide exceptional service, but we also make it enjoyable. Our staff is made up of some of the most innovative brains in the field, all of whom are working with cutting-edge technology.

Our team is the most significant component of our long-term success since we feel they are not only our most valuable asset, but also our most significant competitive edge. Our job is critical to all types of businesses, and we are proud of it. Our team is tasked with transforming our firm into one that produces important content via digital channels to meet new client demands. In a linked world, the deeper our partnerships and the more strategic our affiliations, the more value we can provide to our clients