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Kino Clouds Pvt Ltd is an ad film and video production company led by a group of like-minded individuals with a passion and vision for creating a trend where any brand can afford quality advertisements for their brand. We are a creative firm that is establishing a standard for creativity by integrating classic branding and marketing strategies with more innovative and modernized ideas. We are interested in exploring the client’s necessities through appealing design, brand development, clever strategy, and the fascinating digital capabilities that enable us - and, by extension, our customers - to create a huge marketing impact.

Who we are

At KINO CLOUDS, we implement a design thinking methodology that blends aesthetics and emotions, and applies them to problem-solving. We find this approach to be highly effective in tackling complex problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by contextually grasping the human aspect involved and reframing the problem in a people-centric way.

What we do

As a strategic advertising agency, we not only lend our clients the edge, but we also capture the core of what they represent into a visually-captivating identity. Our belief is that brands should not only enchant, but must deliver a key message to the audience with a specific outcome in mind. This is the advantage of working with an advertising agency that values strategy.

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Skilled Team

Arjun Kashyap
Managing Director
Harsha Nanda
Chief Operating Officer
Nithin M. Olety
Creative Head
Dev Thadiyappana
VFX Editor
Arun Gowda
Shreyank K A
Graphic Designer

Arjun Kashyap began his filmmaking career as a short film maker in 2012, working as a writer for several short films and an editor for five. As an associate director on the film Birbal-Trilogy, he worked under the supervision of MG Srinivas. He co-founded Kino Clouds Pvt Ltd with Harsha Nanda and has made many Ad films for various brands over the span of three years. He has a proven track record in video production and advertising film, and he consistently pursues concepts that touch, move, alter, and produce consequences for customers, establishing brands and directing clients across industries. He recently won the Best Narrative Short Film Award in Mandya International Film Festival in the year 2022. His past success also includes awards like Best Writer, Best Editor and Best Concept Jury Awards. He has twice directed the KPL’s Bangalore Blasters’ Anthem Video Song which aired nationwide on Star Sports.

Arjun Kashyap Managing Director

Harsha Nanda's adventure began in 2012. He worked on about fifteen short films until 2017. Later, he was taken under MG Srinivas' wing and worked as an associate director on the film Birbal Trilogy. Under the guidance of Srikanth Shroff the editor of the film Godhi Banna Sadharna Maikattu he honed his editing skills and later co-edited the films like Birbal Trilogy, Gubbi Mele Brahmastra, Kiladi Police. He co-founded Kino Clouds Pvt. Ltd., with Arjun Kashyap and presently also acts as the chief editor. He also oversees all Kino Clouds regions and strengthens strategic integration among expert brands by guiding operations in the most effective way to generate global cross-functional collaboration. In 2022, he won the Best Editor Award at Jaycineyana. He has edited video projects for high profile clients like Kalyani Motors, RNS Motors, KPL, Triton Valves and much more.

Harsha Nanda Chief Operating Officer

According to his title he is a “big-picture professional” who maintains a cohesive look and feel of a project, supervises the entire creative process, and guides the team that works under him. His creative team includes art directors, copywriters, content strategists, graphic artists, and various designers. Formerly he was designated as the Production Head for a reputed News Channel which was headed by Kirik Keerthi and also is the Admin for the Official RCB Fan Club and won an award for Best Fan Club in Indian Sports Honors which was conducted by Star Sports and Virat Kohli Foundation.

Nithin M. Olety Creative Head

With the knowledge of VFX and the additional editing skills, Dev is one of the key players in incorporating and updating all the required versions of visual effects. He also has the ability to create a functioning environment for aesthetic and technical direction. He works along with the other team members to deliver timely projects to our clients. He is a certified VFX Editor from Arena Animations.

Dev Thadiyappana VFX Editor

Without editors, films would never be made. Arun, under the direction of Chief Editor Harsha Nanda is one of the integral parts of video productions. He is involved in Post-production works which gives the client the final output. He collaborates with the director and the entire team to understand the vision of the project to deliver a picture perfect video content.

Arun Gowda Editor

A Graphic Designer certified from CSTOP Animation and a VFX Editor. A multi talented youngster with the capabilities of creating breathtaking Graphical content, which results in the success of the projects undertaken by our company.

Shreyank K A Graphic Designer

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We believe great creative cannot exist without great strategy. Our philosophy, “where strategy meets creativity,” forms the foundation of our culture, work, and success.