The first thing that pops into the mind of a person who wants to create a brand is to advertise it properly and in a grand manner. All of a sudden a second thought creeps into the brain and gives you a false perception such as, “Getting an Ad done will cost me huge” or “Oh Goodness! Why is this so difficult” or even “Why aren’t people recognizing my brand even after spending so much?”

Well, worry no more! Kino Clouds is here to put all your doubts and questions to rest with complete and right information to advertise your brand in a proper and channelized way.

  • Media planning is the process of outlining the most suitable media to promote a product or service. Media options may include TVC slots, theatrical ads, social media ads, radio as well as newspaper ads. We will be incharge of developing a plan on when, where, and how often a message should be advertised. In simple terms “Our goal is to reach the right audience at the right time in the right place to get the desired results for our clients”.

We believe that a good media strategy will produce a selection of advertising chances that are custom designed to a particular target market and work with the client’s marketing budget. Our primary focus will be to make sure that the following factors are taken into account while creating a media plan and to execute based on the below key indicators.

Key Indicators:

  • The target audience
  • Client’s actual budget for marketing
  • Various platforms such as Theaters, TV Channels, Radio, Social Media
    or Print Media to be used for specific requirements.
  • Demography for media planning
What happens when a good media plan is used?
A strategic and statistical media plan gives us centralised information across all platforms because modern marketing regularly demands for the use of multiple media types as mentioned in the key indicators. This makes it easy to know the types of campaigns and assists in the betterment of campaigns, the type of platform used for adverts and the content that the end customer will understand.
Take a look at the benefits of creating a proper Media Plan Strategy by Kino Clouds.
Develop procedures
If you yourself sat down and tried doing a media plan it would surely fry your brains and you might end up watching some funny videos on YouTube. We know the 7 main WH Questions that you might miss or get confused with.
● What
● When
● Where
● Who
● Which
● Why
● How
We have the capabilities and the knowledge on the above WH questions which will work as the Root Cause Analysis to eliminate the issues which are causing a hurdle in the recognition of your brand.
Budget Monitoring
We do not just do a media plan. We do a Budget Oriented Media Plan. Before a plan is executed and the bill runs up the hill, we take a solid media strategy and take into consideration all expenditures and inform our client beforehand of the expense that might cost. Only when you are convinced of the expenses and other financials that will play a huge role in the further building of your
brand, we will execute the finalised media plan.
The right things that are missing in advertising your brand are mentioned above. With Kino Clouds by your side you can design a stunning campaign to increase your brand awareness and advertisements by using the perfect media planning strategy.